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Dr. Gilbert Cooper

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

From: The Desk of Dr. Cooper

To: New Customer of Paw Origins

Hey, it's Dr. Cooper here - with one final important message for you about your order...

See, if you're like many other dog owners I've spoken to lately, and have been dealing with an anxious dog, trying many different solutions...

And you just can't seem to get rid of your dog's anxiety and destructive behavior for good...

This could be one of the most important messages you ever read.

Because right now...

I'm going to show you the simple 'calming companion' my dog owners use in their daily routine...

That's going to help you 're-condition' your dog from anxiety & all that unwanted/destructive behavior...

You see, many dog owners fall into the trap of thinking that a 'product' can help their dogs with anxiety completely.

What they fail to understand is that the effective way to solve your dog's anxiety is through both biology and conditioning.

This means that you can give them all the anxiety medication and 'calming products' in the world... However, if you don't give them new training and conditioning, they will likely revert to their usual anxious behavior...

Dogs are creatures of habit, and they rely on what they know!

So, if you want a bad habit gone, you need to instill a new habit!

That's why I always advocate a holistic approach...

Now - it may sound obvious, but no product in the world can train your dog for you.

And this is where the second part of the equation comes in.

Training & Conditioning.

You see, Happy-Furever™ will certainly bring your dog's anxiety level down, you might start to see that they become calmer and more responsive to new training.

With consistent use, you might even notice key health markers improve...

And there's no better time to capitalize on this golden opportunity to train and condition your dog...

Swapping out destructive behavior for new ones.

Having worked with hundreds of dog owners, I have witnessed the transformation first-hand.

It was virtually impossible for dogs to not improve with the right training and conditioning + the consistent use of Happy-Furever™.

The only time it didn't work was when the owners decide to take the 'easy way out' and quit on helping their dogs.

But figuring out what to do can be hard - that is why, I'm going to give you a crazy offer to help, almost virtually, guarantee your success...

But... You need to commit to not giving up in the next 6-12 months.

I'm going to give you free lifetime access to the 200-Day Canine Calm Challenge alongside some amazing bonuses on PawInsiders (valued at $689).

Why 200 days? Because based on my experience, I have found that most of my clients took an average of at 6.5 months to see lasting results and improvements.

Of course, dogs with lesser anxiety and triggers only take weeks to heal.

It depends on your dog. But I wanted to give you at least 200 days to almost virtually guarantee improvements.

And to take off any time pressure for you.

Some people called me CRAZY for doing this... And some trainers were even ANGRY!

Why? Because we were giving away some of the best stuff for free.

Training, materials, guides, and resources that others were selling for thousands of dollars...

All made instantly available to you just because you purchased Happy-Furever™.

We hired expert trainers that would have cost you $250/hour to unveil the curtain behind how expert trainers train anxious dogs and to break down how to 're-condition' your dog in simple and easy steps that literally takes a few minutes a day.

Let me quickly break it down for you all the value you will be receiving for FREE...

#1: The Canine Calm Challenge (Valued At $97) FREE

  • Crafted by award-winning dog trainers renowned for shaping champions in dog shows and taming even the most severe cases of canine anxiety.

  • Find out the systematic approach and proven behavioral strategies to help anxious dogs.

  • Dive into understanding core triggers, behavioral techniques for desensitization, and counter-conditioning to instill confidence.

  • Find out about the easy ways to set up a calm environment, interactive activities, and even other natural calming remedies.

  • Bonus #1: Upon completion, receive a complimentary 1-of-1 custom digital art piece for your beloved dog.

  • Bonus #2: Upon completion, you will also be enrolled in a spot to win free gifts and prizes worth ($500+).

Now, I'd Like To Over-Deliver... Here's More Bonuses You're Getting With PawInsiders (Valued At $689) FREE

  • Bonus #3: Canine Calm Music Vault: Library of research-backed calming frequencies that can get your anxious dogs in a calm and relaxed state. Curated by neuroscientists, musicians, and animal behaviorists. Use auditory stimuli to calm your dogs, backed and proven by science!

  • Bonus #4: Champion Obedience Program: Imagine life if your dog had a fraction of the obedience of a champion dog. They listen to your every command, they walk with confidence, and your bond with them is strengthened. Building trust is a key to helping dogs overcome anxiety. Imagine turning the heads of your neighbors, friends, and family as they are impressed by how your dog obeys.

  • Bonus #5: Nourish Paws Vitality: Our holistic veterinarian will educate you on ways to boost your dog's health and longevity through nutritional choices. Helping you navigate away from harmful commercial dog foods and potentially saving you thousands of dollars in vet bills. What's it worth to add a few years to your dog's life?

  • Bonus #6: PawPerks: Exclusive direct-to-supplier discounts, great deals on fresh foods. supplements, ongoing offers and lifetime discounts on all Paw Origins products.

  • Bonus #7: Vet Connect: get 1-on-1 support from our veterinary experts. Ask questions about your dog, get tailored advice, get support on nutrition, training, and general care.

What's the catch here? There is none. Seriously! No hidden charges, or fees - literally $0.

My deepest desire here is for you to get RESULTS & be so happy with your investment today that we would be friends for life.

We are on a mission to help as many dogs as possible, and it starts with helping YOU first!

However, making PawInsiders took a lot of time, money, and effort - so consider it my investment in you.

All I ask is that you commit the next 6-12 months to consistently training and conditioning your dog, alongside the use of Happy-Furever™.

Sounds fair enough? To accept the offer, simply read the rest of the details below, and click on the button below to get the offer.

To your success,

Dr. Gilbert Cooper, DVM

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

The All-In-One Platform - Anywhere, Anytime.

Deepen your results - holistic care & wellness for your beloved dog.

Reprogram Your Dog's Brain & Behaviours

Discover your dog's full potential: expert guided training to help them towards daily improvement.

Experience Immediate Results

Witness transformative changes and improvements in your dog's behavior from day one using proven methods.

Tailored 1-1 Support

Guidance tailored to your dog's unique needs and challenges. Ensuring the best care and solutions for your dog.

Here's What You'll Get:

1) Training Videos To Help Anxious Dogs

What happens when your pet has faced years of anxiety-inducing situations or hasn't been conditioned for calm?

Our Expert Training Videos provide a deep dive into canine care. Covering a spectrum of concerns, from obedience training to dietary advice, our expertly curated content ensures holistic development for your dog.

By engaging with our resources, you're not just relying on momentary aids. You're addressing and reforming deep-seated behavioral patterns. Embrace the strategies to unveil a more tranquil and joyous life for your canine companion.

2) Personalised 1-on-1 Guidance From Veterinary Experts

Every dog, like every human, is a unique individual—with its own quirks, behaviors, and health needs. While general advice and training can be beneficial, there's unparalleled value in receiving personalized insights tailored specifically for your canine companion.

And the best part? This personalized guidance means significant cost savings for you. Avoid the high fees associated with traditional trainers and frequent vet visits. With PawInsiders, you're not just getting advice; you're gaining a partner to help navigate the challenges and roadblocks, ensuring your dog's optimum health and happiness. Your pet deserves nothing less.

3) Experience Instant Transformation In A Single Session

Every expert we bring into PawInsiders is meticulously chosen to facilitate an immediate transformation for your dog. This isn't just about picking up a trick that fades over time. Each guidance session is akin to sitting with an expert veterinarian or dog whisperer.

The transformation you witness is instantaneous. The shift in your understanding and your dog's behavior happens within the confines of that session. In a world filled with information (and misinformation) - we condense and filter out what you need to know to have a successful owner-dog relationship.

4) Join The Community, Share Your Progress & Win Rewards

Dive into the PawInsiders experience and unlock more than just knowledge. As you navigate through our platform, each accomplishment is celebrated with exciting prizes, solidifying your progress and commitment. Proudly showcase your certifications upon completing key tasks, marking milestones in your journey with your furry friend.

Plus, enjoy exclusive deals tailor-made for our loyal members, making sure every step of your journey is sprinkled with delightful perks!

Meet Our Experts

Dr. Kathryn Dench, MA VetMB

Dr. Kathryn Dench, a highly esteemed holistic veterinarian from the United Kingdom, brings over a decade of invaluable expertise to the field of small animal and exotic animal medicine.

Having qualified from the world's prestigious Cambridge University Veterinary School, Dr. Dench's dedication to wildlife and endangered species shines through her work with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. Contributing to critical research on contagious diseases among these vulnerable primates.

Dr. Dench will bring her extensive knowledge in holistic animal care to help your dogs live longer and pain-free lives.

Trainer Emily Schwartz

Trainer Emily Schwartz is renowned for her decade-long commitment to pet care and training. With years of hands-on professional dog training experience, both in-person and virtually, her deep understanding of animal behavior is further enriched by her tenure training horses.

Notably, her contribution to the eminent Fédération Equestre Internationale cements her stature in the world of animal care and training. Her methodology follows LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) principles, transforming the lives of hundreds of dog parents and dogs.

You can trust in her expertise to guide you on your journey towards a harmonious relationship with your canine companion and help your dog overcome anxiety!

Stories of PawInsiders Members

Sophia W.

verified customer 

"Before discovering PawInsiders, I felt completely overwhelmed and defeated by my dog Marley's anxiety and destructive behavior. But things took a massive turn when I started using Happy-Furever™ and following the Canine Calm Blueprint.

The difference? Marley isn't just calmer; he's genuinely happier, and most importantly, he trusts me as a leader. I even managed to condition him to be more relaxed when left alone at home, of course, with the help of the calming music library.

PawInsiders offered invaluable personalized advice, allowing me to address Marley's unique issues head-on. I knew that alone would have cost me thousands of dollars if I had hired a personal trainer.

Every pillar of support and content in PawInsiders has been helpful! And I love that there's always new stuff coming out. Keep it up!

PawInsiders has been a lifesaver, and I genuinely wish I found out about this sooner. I can't even believe it's a free gift to us! I'd highly recommend dog owners give this a try!"

Jordan M.

verified customer 

"I have an anxious rescue, Max - a 5-year-old labrador retriever, who is quite the handful. He had been through a lot, which explained why he was so difficult to train, as I knew we had to work against years of trauma and conditioning.

I decided to try a more structured training program after getting him calm with Happy-Furever Oil - the obedience training modules in PawInsiders were game-changers. Not only did they provide easy-to-follow steps, but they also explained the psychology behind each method.

In just a few weeks, Max was responding to commands like a pro! It was also a huge confidence booster for me. Additionally, the nutrition lessons were eye-opening. I realized I'd been feeding Max based on marketing gimmicks rather than true canine nutrition.

With guidance from PawInsiders, I transitioned Max to a healthier diet, and the difference is clear. He's more energetic, his coat is shinier, and he seems overall happier."

Allison G.

verified customer 

"I used to think my dog was just stubborn and full of personality and that there was nothing I could do about it - boy, was I wrong!

After going through PawInsiders training modules, I found a structured approach that Luna responded to incredibly well. The sessions were straight to the point, without fluff, unlike so many of the 'training resources' out there - and I was picking up commands very fast.

On top of that, following Dr. Kathryn's advice, I worked on Luna's diet and nutrition plan. Within days, I noticed Luna's digestion had improved, her coat became brighter (her breath no longer stinks!) and she is now so much more vibrant and playful.

PawInsiders has everything you need, and has made professional-advice and training accessible with a click of a button. 10/10!"

Rebecca M.

verified customer 

"When I first got my rescue dog, Oliver, he was skittish and had trouble following even basic commands. I tried learning on YouTube but I would face roadblocks along the way.

When I started on PawInsiders, I decided to give it another try. I dove into learning, and I could even send videos and text updates via chat to the veterinary experts who graciously helped me through every step of the way. It was SO awesome to see, and it really felt like the team at PawInsiders cared about my progress and my dog.

After getting some contextual feedback and advice, things became a lot easier.

I'm thrilled with my results. And all this for free? I almost feel bad! I mean, just receiving the complimentary gifts that came along with it was amazing. Thank you for helping a 60-year-old granny with her dog. God bless!"

This Crazy Deal Is A Limited Time Offer! 🤯

We get emails all the time wondering if this is too good to be true. We assure you that our payment systems are SSL Encryption Secure. There will be zero hidden charges or payments. All we need from you is to commit to helping your dogs for the next 200 days of the challenge.

Rest assured, you can take more time if you need. Just don't give up on your precious pups! We can't promise this deal beyond today - so get in now!

This Crazy Deal Is A Limited Time Offer! 🤯

We get emails all the time wondering if this is too good to be true. We assure you that our payment systems are SSL Encryption Secure. There will be zero hidden charges or payments. All we need from you is to commit to helping your dogs for the next 200 days of the challenge.

Rest assured, you can take more time if you need. Just don't give up on your precious pups! We can't promise this deal beyond today - so get in now!


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